Hapkido Lessons in Seoul

Hapkido Lessons in Seoul

The Best Hapkido Lessons in Seoul for Foreigners

Kyung Mu Hapkido lessons in Seoul is for everyone, and the benefits are simply innumerable. Whether you’re an adult looking to get in great shape, looking for an after-school activity for your child that helps nurture good life skills like respect & self confidence, or a Martial Arts enthusiast looking to take it to the next level, Kyung Mu Kwan Hapkido lessons in Seoul is right for you.

Over the last 50 years, Grandmaster Kim has trained over 1000s of students and helped spread Hapkido to various parts of the global village. Our Martial Arts programs provide adults and children with proven physical and mental training to further their health and wellness. Through physical conditioning, self-defense instruction, and consistency, Martial arts training will help boost your energy level while reducing stress.

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Adult Hapkido Classes in Seoul:

Kyung Mu Hapkido dojang in Seoul offer classes for complete beginners (who have never done any type of exercise at all) to black belts who may have had experience in other martial arts. Our instructors are very friendly, personable, and keep you motivated with fun classes, one-on-one instruction, and guidance to help you reach your goals.

There are several other martial arts schools in Korea, and many other activities you can do but Nothing Else is like training Hapkido with Grandmaster Kim, Nam Jai and members at the Kyung Mu Kwan.


Kids Hapkido Classes in Seoul:

The objective of our Children’s Hapkido Program is to build life skills for your child through the practice of martial arts. It’s a fact. Confident kids are happy kids. The philosophy of our Children’s classes is to help build life skills for your child through the martial arts. Focus, discipline, tenacity, and the ability to protect themselves will help kids achieve their goals at school and beyond.

We offer classes for children as young as 4 year old. The kids classes at Kyung Mu Hapkido dojang also helps children develop important character traits and values that can only be learned through martial arts training.


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