International Kyung Mu Hapkido Seminar:

Hosted by Grandmaster Kim, Nam Jai (9th Dan).

August 4th, 5th, and 6th – 2017

spain seminar
[one_half_first]We invite the Hapkido community to this year’s Kyung Mu Hapkido seminar where Grandmaster Kim shares his progressive approach to traditional Hapkido.

Learn how to apply advanced Hapkido concepts that explore the use of techniques beyond common wrist grabs and joint locks. Kyung Mu Hapkido offers a complete martial art with a balance of tradition, and practicality.

[/one_half_first][one_half]The event will have many of our Kyung Mu Kwan affiliate schools in attendance as well. This invitation is extended to the Hapkido martial arts community. Black belts, instructors, martial arts enthusiats are all welcome.

Come and train with one of Hapkido’s most reputable Grandmasters, experience our Hapkido brotherhood, and enjoy the experience of martial arts training in the land of the morning calm.

[one_third_first][h3 style=”first-word”]Schedule[/h3]

Day 1 – first & second Dan material: advanced locks, technique counters, kick defenses, combinations, and sitting techniques.

Day 2 – Weapons skills: short stick, cane, rope techniques, and knife defenses.

Day 3 – two-person attacks, protecting a by-stander, Hapkido combatives, and higher Dan skills.




Kyung Mu Hapkido HQ Gym
6-201 Tong-Indong, Jong Ro-FGu.



Seminar Cost:


Training Times:

Morning training – 10am to 3pm
You may also attend the weekday evening classes and get to train with other KM Black Belts at the HQ dojang.

Group lunch arrangements, excursions are being organized and will be announced at a later date.



We have made arrangements with Starz hotel for a group rate for attendees. The hotel is located in the downtown area, close to tourist attractions, and a few subway stops from the venue. There are many other hotels, guest houses, and local accomodations close by as well. Attendees may choose options that is best suited for their travel needs and budget.



Staz Hotel Myeongdong II
16, Soopyo-ro, Jung-gu
Seoul, Korea.
PHONE: +82 2 2020 4000
*Mention KM Hapkido seminar when making your reservation in other to get our group rate. Spaces are limited, so please reserve early.*



[list type=””]
[li]Close to Subway and downtown Seoul.[/li]
[li]Great 3-4 star accomodation.[/li]
[li]Continental Breakfast included in group rate.[/li]
[li]$US80 per night (for double room accomodations).[/li]