Welcome to Hapkido Martial Arts Seoul

Welcome to Kyung Mu Kwan Hapkido Martial Arts Seoul Dojang.
Seoul’s oldest running Martial Arts School in Korea.


Thank you for visiting our Seoul Hapkido School website.

Welcome to Grandmaster Kim, Nam Jai’s Hapkido school. We are excited for your interest in Hapkido, and hope you’ll join us here for a class. Our classes are taught in English and Korean, and you will enjoy authentic Korean Hapkido under the guidance of a 9th Dan Grandmaster; one of the few second generation Hapkido pioneers actively teaching today.

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Kyung Mu Hapkido dojang in Seoul offer classes that are great for beginners and experts alike. Whether you have previous martial arts training, and looking to explore the best of Korean martial arts, or new to the country and want to find a great community to make friends.


[h2 style=”first-word double-color”]Welcoming to Foreigners.[/h2]
Over the years, Kyung Mu Hapkido school in Seoul has been home to many expats looking for an exciting workout while getting immersed in Korean culture. Our classes run later in the evening, and are perfect for your after-work workout.

[h2 style=”first-word double-color”]Classes specifically for adults.[/h2]
Majority of the Martial Arts gyms in Seoul focus on kids’ after-school services, and will usually mix the adults in with the kids in classes. KM Hapkido (Kyung Mu Hapkido) offers all-adult classes in a fun, safe, and beginner-friendly environment. You will experience excellent instruction with English speaking martial arts classes in Seoul for foreigners.

[h2 style=”first-word double-color”]Close to Subway.[/h2]
The Dojang (martial arts gym) is located just steps away from Gyeongbokun subway station. Kyung Mu Hapkido dojang one of Seoul’s most reputable, and oldest running Hapkido school. We promise to be a good fit for you.

Grandmaster Kim, Nam Jai’s Martial Arts Seoul dojang has affiliate clubs around the glove. Our school was also featured on a popular Discovery Channel’s Fight Quest Season 1 documentary.

Browse through our website to learn more. We look forward to your visit.


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